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Knock Knock Stuff offers clever gifts, books, office supplies, and stationary! Knock Knock Stuff brings humor, creativity, and smarts into everyday life. Usually, I review products based on five different aspects, but seeing as how each of these products is vastly different, I will break up the review into thirds-one for each novelty item.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT MOM FILL IN THE LOVE GIFT BOX: This product caught my eye as I was scrolling through the Knock Knock Stuff site. I think it was the style of the product that really entrapped me. I had been looking for a product like this for some time. I had seen these books all over social media, but had yet to see a store that actually sold them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Knock Knock Stuff sold this book (and others like it) in their online store. I really loved the color pallet: magenta and gold. When I think "mom", these are exactly the colors that come to mind. This hazy purple and metallic yellow look fabulous together. I couldn't imagine this book with any other colors-nor would I want to. The actually cover has a really appealing design that is just pleasant to look at. The foil stamping is what really took this product to the next level. The foil stamping helps make this go from book to gift. It just gives the product that attractiveness that puts it a step above its competitors. The gift box was another feature that was simply stunning. The gift box features the same colors and gold stamping as the book itself. The box says a simple, "I Love You, Mom". I loved this for a number of reasons. The main being that I am a silly person when I am around my mom, but this simple phrase shows that while I filled in the blanks with silly sayings and inside jokes, I really do love my mom. I found this product to be a great way for children to express their love and appreciation of their mother without making things too sappy. For that reason, this product is a great gift for teens and young adults to give. Again, having the added benefit of a gift box really gave me an amazing impression and makes the product a lot easier to wrap! I, for one, have a hard time shopping for my parents-especially my mother. What do you give to somebody who dedicated many years of their life just to you? It's not an easy question to answer. But Knock Knock Stuff certainly has some creatively solutions that every mom will love. This product makes the perfect Birthday, Holiday, or Mothers' Day Gift!

DREAM JOURNAL:I love the design of this journal. The pale orange with silver foil lettering are a stunning pair, plus these colors are easy on the eyes early in the morning-when this journal will mainly be used. In the background of the journal, there are a variety of fun doodles that gave me some serious childhood nostalgia. One feature I especially liked was the guiding. This journal guides you on how to record and reflect upon your dreams. When using a regular journal as a dream journal, I had a lot of difficulty on how to reflect on my dreams; the Dream Journal that Knock Knock Stuff offers makes the process simple, easy, and fun. I also loved the price and privacy that this journal offered. At only $15.00, this journal made it easy for me to talk to myself about my dreams. No need to confide in others or pay a fortune for a therapist. This cute journal helps you analyze your dreams all on your own. The format for recording and interpreting was easy to understand and follow. This journal understands that sometimes dreams are just dreams, hence the "insignificant" box that can be checked under each dream. I liked that this product was genuine in saying that its okay to not understand a dream or think that it's meaningless-because it just might be. This was truly an innovative way to explore my subconscious without therapy. I highly recommend this journal to overthinkers, intellects, and dreamers alike!

PERSONAL LIBRARY KIT: I am pretty bookish. Most of my free time is spent with a book. When I saw this product, I just about squealed. Finally, I could have my own library for when my friends borrow my books. The colors were the traditional library brown, grey, and cream that I absolutely love. Before I even begin the review, I am just going to say that I recommend this to all bibliophiles. In fact, I bet most of the bibliophiles are already on the Knock Knock Stuff site looking at this product. For a bookish person, there is no greater pleasure than sharing a beloved book but no greater pain that having it lost or ruined or having the pages dog-eared. The Personal Library Kit allows for the bibliophile in all of us to play pretend library! (This is also a great product for kids who love to play pretend!). For the two years, I worked in a library. I had missed my good old librarian tools. It is amazing to revive the old library ways for a fun book rental service to use among friends and family. I can definitely see why this is a classic bestseller on Knock Knock Stuff. This great looking gift is perfect for every avid reader!

SUMMARY: If I had to pick a store that truly has something for everybody, I would have to pick Knock Knock Stuff. Their products are funny, cool, and just plain nifty. I highly recommend for everyone who is looking for a product that reflects not only their wants but their personality too!

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