Lauren B. Beauty - Best Luxury Nail Polishes and Treatments
Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B. Beauty offers luxury nail polish with colors inspired by the beauty of  LA. This nail polish is made in the USA, sans animal testing and harsh chemicals, and is vegan-friendly.

STYLE: The physical shape of the product is the first thing that stood out to me. It is surprisingly rectangular. Normally, nail polish bottles have that oval shape, but I actually loved this rectangular approach. This allowed for easy storage and a great grip. However, it was not the shape that caught my eye; it was the print on the front. The gold stamping stole my attention. The beautiful metallic floral print was spectacularly elegant. It offered insight to, not only the product, but how the company views their products. Clearly both the company and the product are elegant, sophisticated, and regal. Everything else on the bottle is standard save for the font of "Lauren B.". This font, despite being used occasionally, is perfect for this bottle! It tones down the effects of the gold foil. No one wants a product that is more elegant than they are! Overall, this product's design perfectly combined chic, casual. and classy!

COLOR: Normally, I am not a blue person. Yes, I wear blue and occasionally have bouts of melancholy, but I mean that I do not wear blue nail polish. I am more of a red hued person, occasionally I will wear a dramatic gold or even a french-tipped, but never blue. Even after using this product, I can still say that blue is just not my color. It is nothing against this particular product; I just find blue to be a more suitable color for younger girls, not for me. That being said, the color was still beautiful. I found the polish itself to be bright, vivid, and fun! In no way was it dull, lackluster, or runny. This polish held its ground. Despite my personal opinions on blue nail polish, this hue was a perfect end of summer color!

FEEL: We all know the heavy, cakey weight of a bad polish. At some time or another, we have all suffered at the hands of a bad brand. This polish is a savior. Lauren B Beauty nail polish is light, airy, and fun. It feels like it is your nail, not your nail polish. Don't settle for a polish that weighs you down! And if you have, Lauren B Beauty is there to bring you back up!

USE: This product makes a perfect gift. Then again, so do all other nail polishes. So what makes this polish so special? I would have to say the ease of the polish. This product goes on so gently that it makes a perfect gift for a beginning tween or an experienced beautician. Its hue calls out to that eccentric, bold group of ladies that dares to go beyond the limits of "normal".

APPLICATION: This is the best nail polish I have ever applied. Obviously, it goes on just like any other polish: with the provided brush. But what makes it fabulous is the need for only one coat to have a beautiful color. Plus, the polish doesn't bleed, so stop your worries of tainted fingers and toes. This color stays right where you left it!

SUMMARY: Why settle for a less than average polish when Lauren B Beauty is out there? Lauren B Beauty has a shade for everyone!

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