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Disclaimer: I received this product for free courtesy of BzzAgent. Picture is property of L'ORÉAL.

I always love being an influenster. It is one of the main reasons that I starting blogger. When BzzAgent offered me this special BzzKit, sponsored by L'ORÉAL, I was eager to begin reviewing. I have always been a fan of L'ORÉAL and cannot express enough how exciting it is to partner with a brand that I have so long admired. Without further ado, I am delighted to share with you today my review of L'ORÉAL's new LA Palette for lips in Pink 01. I also highly recommend checking out BzzAgent for those interesting in reviewing products.

STYLE: Nearly every lip palette looks the same. I walk up and down the rows of the store to see drab black rectangles with a small window that-if I'm lucky- shows an accurate display of what colors lie within. I feel as though I am at a funeral every time I go shopping for new lip products. How much more depressing could the makeup aisle get? I had just about had it when L'ORÉAL came in the picture. Thank God. I could not take one more glance at that dismal, dreary lane. This product brings something new, something fresh, something spectacular: gold. That's right-gold. That soft, chromatic olive-yellow that, with its very presence, brightens anyone's mood. The reflective casing of this product simply calls me in a way that I simply cannot put into words; it shimmers and gleams and lights up the night( and day). Besides, who would want to start off their day with a black, sad rectangle? L'ORÉAL has had it with sad mornings; this product bathes you in a golden ray of happiness each morning when you look upon it. The box does contain some black secondary features such as text or labels, but that does not take away from the beautiful gold, rather it simply emphasizes it. The text itself truly has a very modern feel that keeps you in the here and now. You will never feel out of the loop or left behind with this palette. It truly looks LA.

COLOR: Sure, the product looks LA, but will  you? That's really the main question of each consumer as they gently toss the product around in a deserted drugstore. In short, it depends. The unique thing about this palette is that it does, indeed, allow colors that scream LA. Just looking at them will give you wafts of Californian air. The first three colors are rather bold pinks. They are fearless and daring. Colors for a courageous city girl. But, not every girl is the same. We all aren't brave when it comes to lip colors. Some, myself included, prefer a softer, gentler look. This palette has colors for those ladies too. Colors 4-7 are tender and amiable. This mild colors are perfect for home-grown girl. Don't feel like you fit into one specific category? Don't fret. Most women are a combination. The unique thing about the colors of these palette is that each color is so vivid and vibrant that they can be combined and worn together to make looks that are totally you!

FEEL: I'll set the scene: you in your bathroom. All of your makeup has been put on except for your lip cream, matte, gloss, stick, whatever it is you use. You pull out your favorite color and shudder. You know what's about to come. Yes, you will have a stunning, beautiful color worn upon your face, but you know that your lips will feel dry and flakey. All. Day. Long. Reluctantly, you put on your favorite color because beauty is pain, right? Wrong. Beauty used to be pain. But that's a mindset of the past. Let's save painful feelings for splinters, pinches, and all the other little  nuances we experience throughout the day. Wearing the LA Palette was freeing. I was no longer confined to chapped lips. With the first swipe of color, I was emancipated. The matte, cream, and highlighter included in this set all felt liberating. I never stressed out dry, annoying lips. I didn't need to. In fact, it never crossed my mind once. And that's the way it should be.

USE: Most of us are not beauty pageant winners. We haven't walked the red carpet, starred in a movie, or even won Prom Queen. We happily admit they we are not makeup gurus. We have achieved amazing things, but applying eyeliner perfectly every single time might not be one of them. Yet. So, don't feel super stressed if you aren't sure how to use a lip palette yet, because I, the humble blogger, am here to explain it to you. Then, you can go out and start putting on your own L'ORÉAL LA Palette.  To start, I recommend using a combination of colors. Don't just use one cream and definitely do not use just matte. You need to know what colors look good on you. Do you work well with bright colors? Or are you more of a nude? Dark colors? Light Colors? Those strange it-depends-on-the-light colors? You know you much better than I do. While there are some options on the back of the compact, they aren't for everyone. Generally, I do recommend using one color as your base, preferably a nude or pale shade. The emboss and highlight(using the included highlighter) to match your style. This lip palette is sold in stores world-wide, but your lip style should be unique to you, and L'ORÉAL makes that possible.

APPLICATION: It's easier than you think. Like I said before, no one is a pro. And those who are will agree with me: the first thing you need is confidence. Be confident in your look. Next, use the brush provided to gently sweep the color on to your lips. Use as many strokes as you feel are necessary. Also, you can always reapply or adjust your look as you go through the day. It's that simple.

SUMMARY: Whether its guys or makeup, don't settle for less than you deserve-and you deserve no less than the new LA Palette. L'ORÉAL's new product features splendid hues in a beautiful box. Don't forget that you can get free products to test out too if you sign up for BzzAgent!

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