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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Madi Paige Designs

Madi Paige Designs offer dresses with styles for any occasion. These can be worn with flats or heels.

STYLE: I received three dressed from Madi Page Designs: long-sleeved, v-neck, and ruffle. The long-sleeved dress offered a simple, yet chic design that is absolutely perfect for office wear. Specifically, the longer sleeves helped to make this dress absolutely perfect for fall and winter wear. The second dress is a summery v-neck. Dressing for work in the spring and summer is difficult. Finding cute, appropriate, and summer work wear is hard, especially for women. This dress offered a great solution. The final dress had the most design to it. This dress featured a ruffle front with two small buttons. The overall designs of these three dresses are fairly simplistic. These dresses have a professional, sophisticated vibe to them.

COLOR: Madi Paige Designs's dresses come in a variety of colors. However, all of their dresses are only one shade at a time due to their lack of designs. The hues offered were vivid, bright, and chic. The overall colors were perfect for fall and winter dress-which are admittedly hard to find. The shades used are perfect for cool autumn day!

FIT: I was disappointed in the fit of these dresses. Each dress was too large in every means of the word. The sleeves were too long, the neckline too low, the fit too loose. I think I was so disappointed because I had anticipated the dresses to fit so well. If you order from Madi Paige Designs, order a size smaller than your usual.

QUALITY: These dresses arrived sans rips, tears, and holes. I was happy to see they last all day and through the wash. After the wash, these dresses still looked brand new and did not shrink one bit! I was really happy to note that these dresses did not get damaged easily. These dresses are able to handle the wear and tear of everyday.

FEEL: Like I mentioned earlier, these are great fall/winter dresses. I say this because of the warm, cozy, and heavy feel each dress carries. These dresses really did keep me warm and comfortable through the bitterly chilly winds of the dawn and dusk. No need to worry about stiff or starchy dresses either; Madi Paige Designs's dresses move with you! These dresses are so soft, I felt that I could sleep in them.

SUMMARY: Madi Paige Dresses are perfectly comfortable office dresses with style. When ordering, ask for a size smaller than your usual.

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