Molton Brown USA  Ylang-Ylang Bath & Body Wash
Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Molton Brown.

Molton Brown have been London's bath and beauty connoisseurs since 1973. They offer free shipping on ever order with no minimum! Shop their store to find beautiful gifts for him and her.

STYLE: I received Ylang-Ylang body wash from Molton Brown. The first thing that caught my eye was the lid. A seemingly overlooked detail, the lid is very important due to its unconscious influence. Normally, consumers do not look at the lid of their body wash, but it truly does have an impact in their purchase. Ignoring color for now, this lid has a sophisticated, chic look. I love the embossed "Molton Brown" lettering on the lid because it helps give it that worldly refined feel. Next I noticed the small, yet delicate, flower emblem. This flower represents the gentleness of this soap. I felt that most all of the rest of the bottle was pretty standard. Simple lettering, plain font, basic placement, save for two things. This bottle features a bit of French, "Nettoyant pour le Corps". Translated, this means soap for the body. Along with giving a bottle a bit of class, this helps promote the complex and complicated nature of this soap. I also was curious as to why "Made in England" was included on the bottle. As an American, I was intrigued to have a product proudly made in another country. It helped to broaden my horizons and rethink my prejudices about England. For natives to England, this seemingly redundant included phrase may seem confusing; however, it is clear that the people at Molton Brown are very proud of their product (and they certainly should be!) and their homeland, so they simply want to show their pride in a unique way. Overall, I found this product to have an appealing look!

FRAGRANCE: When it comes to soap, what is more important than fragrance? That first waft of a product is what initially captivates us consumers. We would never dream of buying a nasty smelling body wash. I absolutely loved the smell of this product: light, clean, fresh. This soapy scent is cosmopolitan! The smell perfectly matches the packaging. I highly recommend based on scent alone.  This simple fragrance left me feeling and looking great!

APPLICATION: I recommend using a loofah or washrag when using this product to make application easy and simple. This product is applied like any other body wash. Simply add a dollop to a loofah. Mix with water and create a lather. Once a foam-like lather is created, begin washing! This product is easy to use, but leaves the user feeling elegant and refined.

EFFECTIVENESS: Obviously, this soap cleans. If it didn't clean, it wouldn't be soap. However, I had been dealing with dry, damaged skin. And who doesn't deal with this? Molton Brown really offered a gentle, yet effective way to combat my dryness without making me feel awful. After using this product only once, I could see and feel a difference in my skin. My skin looked brighter and felt softer. I have to attribute this to Molton Brown!

FEEL: In layman's terms: light and silky. In my terms: ahead of its time. I have never encountered so savvy a soap in my life! My skin felt  blasé, polished, and svelte! This is truly an astonishing way to combat the harshities of urban living.

SUMMARY: It's easy to feel luxurious, but it is much harder to look it. Molton Brown provides a way to harness the power of soap to make you feel and look fresh!

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