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Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home.

LOOK: I received three pans from Ozeri. Each pan has a sleek, modern look that I really enjoyed. The pans are a nice pale green color that really looks good in any kitchen. For those that do not know, I recommend using red or green cookware. These colors can really turn a house into a home. Normally, I use red pots and pans. While this is a great color for fall and winter, the color can appear to be too warm for those hot spring and summer days. These green pans from Ozeri are absolutely perfect for spring and summer cooking. They keep your kitchen looking and feeling cool. Moving on to more specific details. Each pan had a nice rubber grip handle. This handle also featured a small hole for those who prefer to hang their pans. Personally, I stack my pans. This great grip was perfect because it never got hot or hard to handle. The grip was made of a material that allowed for a tight hold on the pan which is essential depending on the kind of cooking one is doing. Normally, I do not need to move my pans around my kitchen, but if someone had a large kitchen, a good grip can make the difference between a delicious meal and a huge mess. Along with this helpful handle, each pan had a ceramic coated center. The inside of the pan had a hexagonal (think honeycomb) design that really gave the pan a unique look. This design really helped enforce the idea that these pans were the best of their kind. Finally, each pan also had a detailed bottom that alluded to the fact that this pan may very well distribute heat evenly. With their fabulous features and lovely looks, these pans captivated me from the start.

USE: All pans are pretty easy to use. If you are new to cooking, the concept is quite simple: put the pan atop the stove and use it to heat and cook food. For the more experience, how a pan cooks is far more important than how it looks. I was happy to say that I was impressed with these pans. The ceramic center provided a non-stick coating. I really loved this because it made cooking so much easier for me. I didn't need to concern myself with adding butter to the pan or spraying non-stick spray; the pan did all that for me. Once I used these ceramic center pans from Ozeri, I could never go back to my other ones. My favorite feature, however, was the bottom. At first glance, I had thought that these pans might evenly heat my food. Luckily, I was right! Before these pans, I had been using some older ones that did not heat evenly. Trust me, this is no way to cook your food. If you really want to enjoy cooking (or maybe just put up with it), you have to use a pan that evenly heats. Ozeri truly went above and beyond in regards to the features they offer.

QUALITY: Quality, in short, is not easy to come by. For starters, a pan must arrive without chips or scratches for me to even consider it of average quality. These pans did arrive in mint condition. I was eager and excited to use them. The non-stick surface allowed for easy cooking. This definitely raised the quality of this pan. As I mentioned earlier, I believe that non-stick is simply essential for all pans to have. I will never use a pan without ceramic coating again. The honeycomb and bottom allow for even cooking which is also a quality-raising feature of this pan. This is the feature that really pushed this pan from average-quality to high-quality. Obviously, the pan is also resistant to high temperatures. In summary, these are high-quality pans.

DURABILITY: Sure, a pan can look great, but can it last? Pans go through many uses as well as many washes. When I look at pans, I am looking for something that lasts longer than a few meals. I am looking for a pan that will lasts for a few years. I believe that I have found those long-lasting pans! Ozeri pans really held up through a lot of uses and washes. I was impressed with how easily these pans were able to keep up with the demands of my stomach.

MAINTENANCE: Clean up is everyone's least favorite part of cooking. The cooking is fun, the eating is even better, but the cleaning really dampers the mood. With traditional pans, I had to scrub the pans by hand after they spent a long time soaking in soapy water. These pans completely change the rules of the game. With Ozeri, I was able to simply rinse off the pan and then place it in the dishwasher. It was a liberating experience. Not having to spend extra time scrubbing is great! Clean up is easy with Ozeri.

SUMMARY: Not all pans are created equal, so why settle for anything less than your money's worth? With Ozeri, you get all the perks and none of the problems! For a high-quality pan that lasts, use Ozeri!

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