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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of TeePublic.

I received this sweatshirt from TeePublic. TeePublic is made by tee people for tee people. Each tee is custom printed specifically for the customer. TeePublic can be reached through e-mail. NOTE: For your first time washing a TeePpublic tee, turn the garment inside out, use cold water only, use laundry detergent without bleach, and dry in dryer under normal settings.

STYLE: As some may already have noticed, this shirt is based off of the popular cartoon, "Gravity Falls". This particular sweatshirt is designed to look like one of the main characters in the show, Mabel. Because of this, I will be basing most of the style and color critiques off of this. At a glance, this shirt has a very fun, relaxing vibe to it. Delving deeper, the overall design is fairly simplistic. The sweatshirt has a graphic print of a shooting star. I happily noted that this star was in the correct location as seen on the television show. The colors of the shooting star were also in the correct location. Overall, this is a fun sweater that is perfect for a casual cosplay or a restful day of relaxation.

COLORS: This was the most important aspect to me. Sweaters with this design are seen all over internet web stores. Often, the colors are off or in a strange order. Lets start with the overall color. In the show, this sweater is a pomegranate color. Based off of the picture(see above), I had thought that this sweatshirt would turn out too dark. Luckily, this sweatshirt is actually the exact (or as close as humanly possible) color seen on show. I was admidetly floored to see this near exact replica. Moving on to the details of the shooting star, I had thought the general colors were a bit paler than on the actual show. After refreshing my, apparent lack of, memory, I saw that this sweatshirt was supposed to have pale colors on a vividly stunning pomegranate. The shades used were correct with the show's cannon. Together, these colors helped to create an amazingly exact replica of what is seen on TV.

FIT: I correctly anticipated that this sweatshirt would be over sized due to the simple fact that Mabel only wears over sized sweaters. More specifically this shirt had a good neckline. It ended before my collarbone. Moving down towards the sleeves, the sleeves are cuffed at the end to prevent the shirt from swallowing your entire arm. This is the very first sweatshirt I have ever reviewed; therefore, I will state my preferences before I begin judging. I prefer my sweatshirts to be big in all areas. Sweatshirts are designed for lazy days, so I like them to be a bit larger. This sweatshirt was definitely that. It hung loosely and ended at my thighs. I really liked the length and overall fit of this sweater.

QUALITY: This sweatshirt arrived sans rips, tears, and holes. I was happy to see it last all day and through the wash. After the wash, this shirt still looked brand new and did not shrink one bit! I was really happy to note that this shirt did not get damaged easily. This sweatshirt is able to handle the wear and tear of everyday.

FEEL: This sweatshirt had an insanely warm and comfortable fleece lining on the inside. This really helped to keep me toasty during those cold mornings. No need to worry about stiff, starchy, clothing here! TeePublic's shirts move with you, keeping you looking and feeling great. This sweatshirt is so soft, I could easily sleep in it!

SUMMARY: TeePublic offers new, movie and comic based tee shirts. I loved my sweatshirt from TeePublic! Are you interested in getting a shirt from TeePublic? Why not check out the Contracter Critiques's Store?

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