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I received three shirts from Textual Tees: You've Cat to be Kitten me right Meow, I'm silently correcting your grammar, and Central City Running Club. With each order purchased, one earns a 10% off code to be used during their next order at Textual Tees. All tees on their website start at $6, or buy 10 tees for just $50. Check out their Facebook and Twitter for tee shirt contests and free shirt giveaways!

STYLE: The firs shirt I would like to discuss is the Cat shirt. At a glance, this shirt is super punny. I loved the novelty that the shirt offered. Fashion is fun, but every once in a while, I like to just chill out with a classic novelty shirt. Cat puns have been around for a while, and this is not the first cat pun shirt I have reviewed, but it is the first with this slogan. Specifically, I really liked the cat silhouette. Rather than have a picture of an ordinary cat, the silhouette leaves a lot to the imagination. Meaning that I could imagine any breed of cat I chose. While this may not seem important to some, having the freedom to chose can make all the difference for others. Moving on to the grammar shirt, I was instantly in love. As an English major and freelance writer, there was absolutely no way I could pass this shirt up. The shirt itself is pretty basic, but the message says it all. There is no need for graphic prints or colorful art designs. Finally, the Flash shirt. My favorite shirt out of the three. Some may have correctly inferred that this was a Flash shirt due to the lightning bolt emblem. For those who do not know, The Flash is a comic book character that has super speed. He is from Central City and was written into existence in 1940. Because The Flash is popular, I have seen a lot of Flash shirts. In fact, I own four other Flash shirts besides the one featured in this review, so in no way is a Flash tee shirt a new concept. What is unique about this shirt is the idea of a Running Club. This shirt requires knowledge of this famed superhero to understand why it is worth the buy. I think I liked the idea of the Central City Running Club because it puts the wearer in on the action. It makes him a part of the Flash's story. This is something many superhero shirts fail at. Of course, the lightning bolt was a must have on this shirt. I never would have bought it if the bolt was lacking. The inclusion of the year was really unique as well. It was a creative way to pay homage to the original Flash comic books while still keeping the shirt modern. Finally, I enjoyed the distressed aspect on the text. It really made the shirt appear to be worn in: like a real running club shirt. Overall, I am infatuated with these shirts! They have stunning looks, killer puns, and great style!

COLOR: Graphic tees don't follow traditional, seasonal colors. They never have, and they never will. They don't have to. Because tees are designed for relaxing days, color is not one of their manufacturer's main concerns. However, that does not mean that these shirts get an excuse to have bad color pallets and dull dyes. Luckily, these shirts exceeded my expectations in regards to color. The cat shirt had a basic pallet of grey and black. The highlighting of text is uncommon with graphic tees, and, therefore, I liked it a lot. The alternating text colors and backgrounds really drove home the novelty feel of the shirt. The grammar shirt remained fairly simple. It was blue with white text. As one can see, the blue is royal and real vivid. The shade of blue used in this shirt helps make the text pop. Finally, the Flash shirt features the traditional Flash colors of red and white, and I would not have it any other way. In summary, each shirt received was bright, vivid, and fun! 

FIT: I am always very picky with the fit of my shirts. I like them to be tight, yet loose. I describe this as a loose fitted design. I was downright pleased with the fit of these shirts. They had a great neckline. It never dipped lower than my collarbone. This makes the shirts essential for a day in. Who wants to worry about a low neckline on a nice, relaxing day? The shirts fit great around my shoulders. They were form-fitting, but allowed room for me to move my arms as needed. I never felt constricted or confined by my own shirt. The shirt had a loose fit around my bust. This looseness continued down the rest of the shirt. This took away the shirts ability to be form-fitting. Once on, it is hard to discern these women's fit shirts to men's. Lengthwise, the shirts were perfect. They ended right at my hips. I was thankful that I did not have to roll my shirts. These shirts offer a casual fit that is great for casual day wear!

QUALITY: I am searching for a shirt that will last. One that will survive multiple trips to my washer, dryer, and back again. Textual Tee's shirts really did last. They provided me with perfect all day long wear, and to top it off, they lasted through the wash and dryer without any shrinkage. They looked as if they were in mint condition. Like how they arrived, these shirts were sans rips, holes, and tears after each wash!

FEEL: Too often is fashion uncomfortable. How many times have you found yourself wishing that you were in your pajamas instead of that cute A-line dress? How many occasions have you found yourself dreaming of sweats instead of that bunchy, too-tight skirt? Now you can stay comfortable and look cute with Textual Tees. These shirts are so soft, I could sleep in them! 

SUMMARY: Textual Tees's offers a variety of cheap and funny tees. These graphic novelty tees are hilarious with their own unique sense of style. For pop-culture shirts, nerdy shirts, geeky shirts, and everything in-between, use Textual Tees.

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