Caribbean Blue Women's Polo ShirtWhite Women's Polo Shirt
Disclaimer: I received products for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Anchored Style.

Anchored Style offers American-made nautical preppy apparel and accessories made for those who love life on the water. They call this style: surfer-prep.

STYLE: Having a professional style is just as important as having a personal style. Fall can be a hard time for professional dressing. Some days, its hot; while, on others, its cold. A polo can be an effective layering option that can make an outfit complete and weather appropriate. I received two polos from Anchored Style: one blue, one white. I found that the style of these polos really helped me to create unique layered looks that received many compliments. Not sure how to layer? Consider wearing a sweater over the polo and popping the collar through the sweater; then fold it back over. This creates an original, bookish look without causing you to overheat. On a side note I liked how the logo was so small that it could be easily covered with a sweater or jacket. This can be especially helpful for those who have strict dress codes. This brand truly offers a professional product.

COLOR: Color is the only difference between the two polos. One is a light, sky blue while the other is eggshell white. While, most of the time, I prefer to wear bright and fun clothing, work clothes need to remain suitable for work. The color of these polos go with most business dress codes. Both of the polos fit my dress code. Be sure to check Anchored Style's website to see all polo colors offered.

FIT: Like most shirts, I ordered a medium. Unfortunately, these shirts were a bit large on me. However, they were not so large that my outfit was completely ruined. Thankfully, I still looked like an adult rather than a child in her father's rather large shirt. I would recommend ordering a size smaller than your usual size.

QUALITY: These shirts arrived in fabulous condition! No rips, holes, or tears (wrinkle free too!). Nothing but professional. As a writer, I need a shirt that is as flexible as I am. These polos lasted all day and through the wash!

FEEL: In a normal work day, I put myself through a lot. We all do. Whether its sitting in a marketing meeting or working cash register #10, we all work hard. Hard work plus uncomfortable clothing can leave us feeling miserable. Clearly, no shirt can really improve the conditions of our work environment, but wearing a comfy shirt can't hurt. The shirts that Anchored Style provides are practical and comfortable.

SUMMARY: For a great polo shirt, buy from Anchored Style. Use the code "2for20" to get two polos for just twenty dollars!

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