Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture with model is property of Dyehouse.

Dyehouse offers online sales of Comfort Colors dyed activewear.

STYLE: Fall is here! Thankfully. It took a couple of weeks, but the cool air is finally starting to take hold of the northern hemisphere. With each new season, there is a new style. Last week, I discussed the hottest fall trends for workout wear, and today I am continuing that review by mentioning a new brand: Dyehouse. I received the Ladies Crewneck Sweatshirt and the Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt to try out. I loved the simple look of these shirts. We all have own our personal style; simple, basic clothing-like these sweatshirts-go well with literally every style out there! Whether you consider yourself to be more chic or more minimalist, a plain sweatshirt will find its place in your closet. One thing I especially loved about these shirts were the lack of a visible brand label. I hate being a walking advertisement. Dyehouse understands this, and gives consumers a chance to be who they really are by exempting brand names and logos from their products. Dyehouse products do include cuffed sleeves. A small cuff at the end of a  sleeve is often an overlooked detail, but it can have a drastic influence on your outfit. A cuff helps give sweatshirts a girlish, feminine vibe while keeping you from looking like you are swimming in your shirt. Cuffs also prevent your hands from slipping into your sleeve. The bottom of the shirt is also cuffed to allow for a better fit and to make the product look better when worn.  Dyehouse's products will fit in perfectly in every girls' closet!

COLOR: As you can see, each sweatshirt only contains one color. I received products in Flo Blue and Raspberry. It is not the colors themselves that matter(seeing as how Dyehouse offers a wide variety of colors to chose from), it is how the colors appear on the shirts. The dying process gives the shirts a vintage and worn-in look. This is really trendy this fall, and I anticipate the trend will continue deep into winter. This dye process works especially well with earthy tones-like the blue I received. Earth tones are especially popular this fall. People tend to match the weather. Right now, leaves have not yet started their graceful decent, but gentle rains have begun to cool the air. Browns, greens, and blues are the colors everyone is wearing. Match the Earth with a classic vintage color!

FIT: I was very pleased with the fit. Overall, I would say that the product did fit. While the shirts fit perfectly on my torso, I had trouble with the sleeves. Despite the cuffs, my hands kept slipping into the shirt while moving about. The sweatshirt was definitely roomy, but this is how sweatshirts ought to be. These are great shirts to consider wearing whether you are working out or not!

QUALITY: Everything arrived in great condition! Not one shirt was ripped, torn, or stained. These shirts were able to keep up with my throughout my workout. Whether I was walking or running, I never once felt constrained by the material. Not only was I impressed to see these products last through a workout, but I was happy to see that they lasted through a wash and a dry too. Overall, these products had great quality!

FEEL: Heavenly. Each sweatshirt is so amazingly soft and warm. These gentle, tender sweatshirts persevered heat as I played tennis outside. I constantly felt like I was being given an affection hug. A definite recommend!

SUMMARY: I received the Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt in Flo Blue and the Ladies Crew Sweatshirt in Raspberry and Flo Blue. I highly recommend.

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