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Annointed Keys - Purpose/Be Strong - SilverCurved Bangles - Set of 5
Bless Someone Necklace - Love - Silver
Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Good Works Make a Difference

I often blog about a variety of products, but, at the core, my blog is mostly about beauty and fashion. This has been one of my favorite blogger gift packages to open, use, and review. I hope my love for this brand and its products is reflected in my writing, but just in case it isn't, I wanted to include this small introduction.

STYLE:  As you can see, every piece is vastly different. Each necklace or bracelet has unique qualities to it, but there are a couple of underlying factors that make these pieces united. The most prominent being the empowering messages and sayings that can be found on each piece. I have never seen jewelry like this before! I was truly amazed that I could find so much strength in words written on the jewelry I was wearing! Just looking down and seeing inspiring phrases can really help a person feel strong, confident, and inspired. The first bracelet I received was the wrap-around bracelet. this bracelet has a wrap-around style that used to be very popular in the 2000s and is now making a comeback! I loved the variety of fonts and phrases used to create this unique bracelet. For some, this bracelet could double as a unique belt. Next is the magnetic bracelet. This was my favorite piece that I received. I loved the edgy look of the bracelet. The studs helped to give it a sharp feel. This bracelet, however, grounded itself with its inspiring words. The blessing keys were the most unique piece I received. I felt that these keys are perfect for those who have a unique personality and who aren't afraid to express themselves. I loved the small gem and the engraved words. In short, it was simply beautiful. The bangles kept along with this tradition. They all had the same phrases, and look excellent with every outfit. The final necklace, the love necklace, was the most basic, yet wonderful. This small necklace has an attractive centerpiece that says "love" on one side and "hope" on the other accompanied by a charming little star. These pleasant pieces will make a great addition to any outfit!

COLOR: Every piece seems to have a metallic tone to it. I have found that metallic tones are much easier to pair with than random colors such as blue or red. Metals are essential colors that go with every outfit, every season of the year. Don't have any metallic tones? Fret not! Good Works Make a Difference has a variety of tones, shades, and hues you can chose from! My recommendation: get at least one silver and one gold necklace or bracelet. If you are really daring, go for a copper or black hue to spice up an outfit.

FIT: Each product has a different fit to it. The best part about jewelry is that every piece is adjustable! The black bracelet and bangles are not adjustable, so this is the section where fit really can make a huge impact on whether or not I liked the product. I found that both of these bracelets fit wonderfully! The bracelets fit easily onto my wrist and were not too big nor too small. The adjustable fit on the other pieces allows for you to decide which fit works best for you!

FEATURES: I wanted to write a short section on how amazed I was with the magnetic black bracelet. I have seen and worn magnetic bracelets before, but the magnets always seem to fail or be bulky. I was simply stunned when I saw how this bracelet combined the latest technology with style to create a bracelet that is fun, cute, and easy to wear. Plus, the magnet is not so strong that I have to fight to take off the bracelet. The magnets easily come undone with just a bit of force.

FEEL: Sensitive skin. Most of us have it, all of us hate it. It prevents us from wearing that cute new blush and using that stunning new body wash. Luckily, these pieces did not irritate my skin or cause me any sort of discomfort. They looked great, but more importantly: they felt great too.

SUMMARY: Good Works Make a Difference can truly make a difference in your life by providing high-quality fashion-forward products. You can direct questions Good Works Make a Difference customer service. Interested in your own piece? Why not take a look around their online store. Good Works Make a Difference donates 25% of their net profits to good causes. You can support their efforts to help make a difference. Together, we can do good work because good work makes a difference. For wholesale, visit this link. Find them on Twitter and Instagram as goodworksmove and on Facebook as Good Works Make A Difference. This fashion with a purpose brand was established in 2011 and has been determined to offer uplifting accessories while contributing 25% of net profits to charitable organizations to make a meaningful impact in other people's lives. Be sure to check out their website to purchase one or more of the products I mentioned in my review!

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