Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review.

Hylete is a creator of premium performance apparel for the modern athlete on a modest price range.

STYLE: Everyone has three sections of their closet: work, casual, and fitness. And each section is equally important. Too often, we forget about the fitness apparel. It is important to wear clothes that make you feel good while you work out. (We all know that nobody looks pretty after running a mile). Its rare that I actually see fashionable fitness clothes. I was impressed with the laid-back style of Hylete clothing. The overall vibe was tough. These clothes let everyone know that you walked into that gym to work out-not to mess around. You aren't here to walk the track or to have a fun swim. You came to work. Normally, I do not like having logos on  my shirt. However, when it comes to certain brands, I feel like the logo can boost your standing. For example, a Gucci bag displays the Gucci logo to let everyone know of your fiscal standing. The Hylete name and logo on the shirt lets everyone know of your standing and your commitment to fitness. The Hylete name is printed in a no-nonsense font while the logo itself is a bit more playful. The logo is a bulky H with a bit of flair to it. Nevertheless, it stays serious. The shorts offer a simpler vibe. Featuring a stripe that runs to across the sides and back of the shorts, this item goes with nearly any workout style. It is difficult to classify it into just one. The socks have a similar problem. Because they look just like a standard sock( one color with different colored patches on the toes and ankles). Because of their look, the socks also go with a variety of styles. Hylete offers clothes for a variety of athletes with a variety of styles.

COLOR: Color is something that has always been important to me. As we move into colder weather, we need to start breaking out fall and eventually winter colors. While the outfits I received are not fall colors, they are the perfect addition for your winter wardrobe! The shirt is navy blue with a hint of mint. The mint highlights lighten up the shirt while the navy blue makes it a perfect winter workout top! The shorts are black and also have some mint. The mint is a stark contrast with the black making the shorts go with more outfits. The socks are blueberry and navy blue making them perfect for fans of colorful socks! Overall, Hylete offers just the right amount of color!

FIT: I was simply stunned by the fit! Everything fit perfectly! I would recommend ordering your regular size in shirts, pants, and socks! The fit of these articles of clothing allow for a lot of movement and breatheability. This is exactly what an athlete needs while working out or practicing.  Simply amazing!

QUALITY: Everything arrived in mint condition. Nothing was ripped, torn, or stained. These products were able to keep up with me through every minute of my workout. I never once felt constrained by the material or felt like the material couldn't handle what I was doing. After my workout, these items lasted through my demonic washer and dryer. Impressive!

FEEL: The shirt and shorts had a typical workout clothes feel, but the socks blew me away. Never in my life have I worn such heavenly material on my feet. These socks gently caressed my feet like the sky caresses the clouds. They were so incredibly soft and perfect to wear during and after a workout! I highly recommend them.

SUMMARY: The workout shorts, v-neck, and socks I received are amazing! Ready to buy your own? Check out Hylete's store.

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