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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Mighty Mug.

Today, I will be reviewing three Mighty Mugs: Mighty Mug Biggie in red and Mighty Mug Mini in black and stainless steel. Out of all the reviews I have done, reviewing these three mugs were the most fun. I was amazed at how I was never able to knock them over. So, whats the catch? There is none. Mighty Mug was created after a big spill ruined some important technology. We've all been there. Mighty Mug dreams of a future where nobody suffers from this.

STYLE: As I discussed in the last review, everyone has two styles: their real style and their work style. We can all agree that these styles often intertwine and mix. Some of us, me included, are lucky enough to work in casual wear, but that is a small minority. Mighty Mug found a great medium between work and casual styles. Most of my these-mugs-never-leave-the-house mugs have silly sayings whereas my work mugs are drab. And I do mean drab. They have literally no style to them. If someone asked me to write a review about my work mugs, I would have nothing to say. Getting back on topic, Mighty Mug mugs are mugs that I feel are great for work and home use. These mugs offer enough flair to where they are fun and lighthearted without being too much making them great for work too. Every mug has the Mighty Mug logo on them. I do not mind logos on  products that are not clothing. Still, I was happy to see that the red and black mugs featured an embossed logo that is virtually invisible. The stainless steel has a clear, black logo. On the bottom of each product is an orange panel. This panel is what essentially keeps the product from tipping over. I thought the colors of the mugs were stylish, yet professional. All of these aspects of style combined together create an amazing product with an elegant feel.

USE: Obviously, these mugs hold in liquid, but that's not what I mean by use. I mean, "Does the product work?".  I was truly amazed to find that this product does not tip over. Whether the product was empty, full, or somewhere in between, I was shocked to see that nothing I could do could make it fall. I hit the side with my forearm. I bumped it with my elbow. I even pushed it head on with my hand! And yet, no movement. The mugs were absolutely still. The only way to pick up this product is to pick it up perfectly vertical. This is a great aspect for those that are clumsy or for those that are cluttered. This is something truly innovative and unique!

QUALITY: Quality. Its a little word with a lot of meaning. I take drinkware seriously. And I mean that. I am a fan of lots of strange little things: office supplies, socks, cups. We all have those little knicks and knacks that we just like for reasons that we can't even begin to explain. I have seen a lot of cups in my days. Some leak or chip or are just worn even when you first open the package. These mugs arrived in mint condition. Just from a glance, I became eager and excited to test them out. These mugs have an easy open, non-leak mouth, a screw-on lid, and the out-of-this-world bottom. All of these features greatly raised the quality of this product putting it an an above average level of quality.

DURABILITY: Morning coffee. Chasing kids. That two hour long meeting that was only supposed to last half an hour. We go through a lot. And we need a mug that can go through it with us. We need a mug that can last for more than a quick glass of water. Mugs go through many uses and many washes. When I look for mugs, I'm looking for those that can keep up with me and my beverages of choice. I believe these mugs can truly last. I was impressed with how easily these mugs were able to keep up with me!

MAINTENANCE: Put down that sponge. Mighty Mugs are dishwasher friendly. I simply rinsed mine out and placed them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. This is truly liberating for those used to delicate, time consuming mugs. Make the change with Mighty Mug.

SUMMARY: This is the cup that never spills! I used to think this was impossible, unreachable even. Mighty Mug isn't magic-its simply smart technology that everybody needs-especially those with kids! Ready to buy? Check out Mighty Mug's online store.

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