You'll love the classic look and toughness of our slip-resistant work shoes!
Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Mozo Shoes.

Mozo Shoes brings style and comfort together in slip-proof shoes that you will want to wear before, during, and after your shift!

STYLE: I received the Maven in red. This shoe offers a trendy style that many teens and adults love. The overall shoe offers a laid back and relaxed feel. The young vibe of the shoe makes it especially appealing. I love the white trim at the toe and around the shoe. It truly does give the shoe a cute and innocent look. This simple trim took me back to my freshman year of high school when I wore a pair of shoes with similar trim every day. Mozo Shoes manages to take this young look and make it look appropriate for adults. I never felt like some adult trying to fit in with today's youth; I truly felt like I belonged in this pair of shoes. The laces do not come pre-laced. At first, this did seem like a bit of a problem until i realized that this allowed for me to lace my shoe with my own designs. There are plenty of creative and original ways to lace up your shoe that can be found through a simple internet search. The Maven really allowed me to express myself in the simplest ways possible. Near the laces, the Mozo Shoe logo can be found. I am wary of displaying logos because I feel, if unintentional, it can ruin the whole outfit. While I did think that the size of the logo could have been a bit smaller, the location is more than ideal. Right on top of the tongue, it is out of the way and out of sight. There is also another logo near the back of the shoe. I would much rather have had just one logo rather than two, but in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal especially when it comes to shoes. Finally, these shoes have a really creative stitching. With a closer look, I could actually see the diagonal lines of the fabric( think what denim jeans look like). As someone who loves the quirky things in life, I loved this! It truly gave the shoe something that most shoes do not: a sense of character.

COLOR: Red and white is a color combination that lasts through every stage of out life. Our moms dress us in cute red and white outfits as infants. We wear red all throughout our rebellious phase. White for our wedding day. Red and white are two colors that never escape us. Who would want them to? I love the deep red coupled with the eggshell white in this shoe. These are essential fall and white colors! Late fall and early winter are littered with red and white hues. Don't let yourself get left out! Red and white look great when paired with denim jeans and single colored shirts. Help your outfit flow smoothing with a classic color combo!

FIT: A quick side note: these shoes run small, so be sure to order a half size more than your regular shoe size. For example, I am usually a 7, so I fit into a 7.5. I was very pleased with the fit of this shoe. It really allowed for movement without being too wide. Personally, I am not a fan of wide shoes. I do recommend picking up a pair of these slimming, yet comfortable shoes for this fall season!

QUALITY:  This shoe really exceeded my expectation in quality. When I purchase a shoe, I know that the shoe has a lifetime of 1-2 years. I do a lot of walking around (outside, in stores, etc) and that really wears down my shoes. Each type of shoe wears and tears a little differently. I have noticed that shoes like the Maven tend to tear or rip along the sole of the shoe. For example, my beloved pair of shoes completely ripped on the bottom. After that, I began to examine the quality of products more closely. I fell in love with the Maven the moment I took it out of the box. After wearing it around, I thought that the sole was going to fall off or tear in some way. Luckily, the sole stayed on. and it doesn't look like its going to fall apart anytime soon. As a fashion lover, I own 35 pairs of shoes. Out of all of those shoes, the Maven is the highest quality shoe I own.

COMFORT: In the past, I have sacrificed comfort for style leaving me literally crying at the end of the day because of foot and leg pain. This is no way for anyone to live. Shoes should improve how your feet feel rather than worsen conditions or create them. I have arch problems that cause pain no matter what I do, so it has become my mission to seek out shoes that are cute and comfortable for people who suffer from arch pain. I believe I have found that shoe in the Maven. This shoe brings comfort and cuteness together in one slim package. I can have the style of a model with the comfort of a nurse. This shoe provides arch support and air flow to the feet. Both of which are something that couldn't hurt to have. This is truly one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

SUMMARY: I highly recommend the Maven shoe in Red based on the above aspects!

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