Seaside Series Scallop Shell Case 
Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Carved.

A huge thank you to Carved for sending me this phone case to review! Be sure to check out their website after reading my review!

     For starters, I absolutely love the look of this phone case. Just take a minute to marvel at how uniquely beautiful. All done? Good. This case had a beautiful cream color accompanied by a stunning iridescent shine. There are some definite pink and green hues hidden in the case. This makes this phone case perfect for winter. It is neutral with just a hint of pale colors. Looking closer, I noticed that the individual shells used to make this case are visible. Some may find this irritating, but I was charmed with the individuality of this case. Overall, the look was simply divine, and I was stunned by the complex beauty of it. 

     One thing I did want to mention that really caught my attention about this case was the total uniqueness of it. I know I mentioned that the case was unique earlier, but there is something special in knowing that you have a phone case that is not mass produced. There can never and will never be a case like this simply because my case-and all cases for that matter- are actually made from either wood or shells. None of that cheap plastic at Carved.

 I received this phone case for the iPhone SE. I rarely have issues with phone cases not fitting the phone; thankfully, this case kept with the norm in this sense. The case snapped right on with ease. I was happy to see that this case did not break off of the phone when dropped. I can only assume that each case designed for a specific phone will fit each phone as perfect as this case fit the SE.

   And if you weren't already in love with Carved, they are also a small business! Personally, I think it is extremely important to support small business. Keeping small businesses alive means that consumers get to purchase and use truly creative and innovative products like this phone case. You can also keep my business alive by coming back everyday to read my reviews and contacting me through the blogger form at the right.

    I am still absolutely amazed that there is a phone case from a USA small business ( more specifically Indiana) that makes their own products. Having a sea shell phone case will definitely make you stand out from the crowd in a good way. I highly recommend this product, and put it at the top of my Christmas Wish List for Teens and Young Adults.

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