Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Clothing Arts.

     Today, I will be reviewing the Pick-Pocket Proof Pants from Clothing Arts.

    The first thing that impressed me about this company were not the pants themselves, it was the confidence and pride that this company took in its products. Many companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It almost seems like every single company out there does, but Clothing Arts truly practice what they preach. Inside my package, there was a small slip with a note and return label. The note, summed up, said that if I was not impressed with my purchase, to send it back. This really had a great impact on me and showed me the pride that this company had in its products and allowed the company to appear more trustworthy.

    Clothing Arts offers clothing with a variety of pockets to prevent pick-pocketing. While this is not necessary for day to day life in places like the US, this can be useful when traveling to moe dangerous countries.

   I did like the overall product. The hidden pockets really appealed to me because they ward off thieves. This is something that is quintessential for those who travel and something that can even be useful for those who hike or spend a lot of time outdoors. Carrying a purse in some countries is asking for trouble; these pockets allow you to stay safe on your travels. The fabric, surprisingly, was as light as a feather. I had honestly expected this pair of pants to feel like heavy duty pants. I was happy to find that they felt no different than any other pair I owned. My biggest concern with the pants was the design. I loved the concept but felt that the cut was almost too baggy thereby making it too masculine. These pants certainly are of modest making, but modest does not mean swimming in my clothes. A tighter cut would have been appreciated or at least less baggage around the ankles.

    Overall, however, I found this pair of travel pants to be simple, stunning, and smart. With these pants, I can tour foreign countries without fear. Explore unhindered with these pants from Clothing Arts.

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