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I am so excited about this review of two awesome products from Eternal Creation's kid collection. I rarely get the opportunity to review kid's products, so this is some new territory for me.

The first product I received was the charcoal denim jeans. The first thing that really drew me to this product was the style. Kids, boys especially, care little about fashion, but that doesn't mean you, as a parent, grandparent, or another relative, shouldn't. I feel that the way kids dress (before they get outside and get messy!) directly reflects the parents. One thing that really brought style to these pants were the back pockets. The back pockets have a bold red border around them with a simple swirl on the pocket itself. These pants do have four pockets overall. This is super handy for young boys. Some may worry that this style is too "feminine" for boys' clothing. I would disagree. The boldness of the deep red hue really does give these pants a masculine element. The seams on the pants are accented with the same shade of red. This really brings some personality to the pants. I absolutely loved that! The red theme continues on the inside of the pants. The inside rim is lined with a red design. I felt that the red and blue together gave these pants a peppy vibe. The color of the denim combined with the red accent really allows for these pants to go well with nearly every outfit. There are endless opportunities for these pants! All parents know, however, that fit and comfort matters much more than style and color. At this age anyway. I ordered a size 12 and found that it fit my "little helper" amazingly! This website is true to its size charts. How rare is that! If you decide to order some pants for your son or daughter, you can put your complete trust in their size charts for their pants. If you do find that the waist does not fit well, these pants do come with an adjustable waistband. I have always seen this adjustable waistband as some essential for kid's clothes because they grow and change so quickly. I was so pleased to see this feature. Before I get into comfort, I just have to take a moment to mention the high quality of these pants. We all know that when kids play, they play roughly. These pants kept up through a busy day of play and lasted through the wash. By the end of the day and wash, they still looked brand new, not a thread out of place. I was completely impressed. It is a common misconception that clothes that keep up. This is totally untrue when it comes to this pair of pants. My "assistant" reported that these pants were comfortable to wear and kept him warm.  Overall, I highly recommend these pants! They are perfect for active boys. The stitches and zippers keep up with each and every moment of play while the denim is soft and only gets softer. This pair is perfect for all occasions and seasons.

The black shirt I received has a special place in my heart and I kind of wish it came in my size. This shirt has a pretty basic style. The V-neck does give this shirt a "cool guy" vibe. This shirt is really perfect for older boys who want to fit in with their peers. The v-neckline is something really unique to kid's clothes. It is a rarely seen, and boys usually jump at a chance to own one. The relaxed fit keeps the shirt looking casual.  The color, much like the style, is a simple black. It really works well with all pairs of pants and any color undershirt really. Black is also a perfect color for winter. As cooler weather approaches, darker hues are becoming more and more popular. Keep your little one in style with this shirt! This shirt, much like the pants, had a fabulous fit. I was impressed to see that this shirt fit the torso, arms, and chest. The shirt slightly covered my "assistant"'s wrists meaning that this sweatshirt will last him all winter. This is what everyone should look for when shopping for growing boys. Like the pants, this shirt had a great quality! It lasted all day long and kept up with the wash. Like the pants, this shirt was comfortable and only got better with each wash. I was happy to see that this was a thick, heavy sweatshirt. This sweatshirt, while stylish, will actually keep kids warm during the winter. No need to worry about flimsy fabric with this brand. Overall, a great v-neck style for kids.  Soft and comfortable, this pullover can be worn on its own or as a layer. It is a great shirt for winter and can easily be worn in the cool fall and spring as well!

Eternal creation is an ethical fair trade brand for babies, kids, women, and men. It offers fashionable clothes, sleepwear, and accessories. These both make the top of my Holiday Gift Guide for kids!

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