Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Gia-Mia Dancewear.

Gia-Mia Dancewear, the hottest brand in dance wear, is a trend setter that offers cutting edge styles.

STYLE: I received three products: one pair of leggings and two pairs of combat boots. For those who don't know, both of these items are simply essentials for fall. There is no way anyone can do through the fall season without a high quality pair of leggings and a variety of combat boots. The leggings offered a really simple style. This is perfect for this fall! This pair really draws attention to your top giving your outfit a chic, minimalist vibe that can be very difficult to achieve with colorful, printed, or textured leggings. Gia-Mia keeps it classy with this stylish pair. The first pair of combat boots I received was the ankle boot. this boot featured an ankle cut with studs surrounding the ankle itself. I am a huge sucker for ankle boots. I think they are just made for fall weather! Ankle boots bring attention to the shoe without taking away from the outfit as a whole. Plus, ankle boots can be worn with shorts or skirts without causing any major clashes. This is something that simply cannot be achieved with regular or high boots. The studs were something really cute and unique. These enhancements really give these boots an edgy feel making them perfect for a girl who has an alternative style. These boots scream rocker and look great in daring all black outfits. The second combat boot I received is the classic boot. This shoe can really be worn with any style. Classic, chic, boho, etc. It doesn't matter; the shoe fits with each and every look. I loved the hints of sparkle added into the shoe. It really takes the shoe from being just any old shoe to something special and unique. These are essentials for every girl's closet!

COLOR: As you can clearly see, I chose all black products. Why? Black really becomes a staple color during the winter. Right now, fall shades may seem like they will stay stylish forever, but, in reality, they won't. Black seems to really pick up traction in December. Start your winter off right by picking up these shades before the prices skyrocket. In general, I really did love the simple, solid black, and I hope to see it become more popular as we progress into winter.

FIT: Fabulous! I loved the fit of each products. But what I really loved was the fit on the high-waisted leggings. We all have a pair of high-waisted shorts. (Are you really living if you don't?). But never once had I really considered high-waisted leggings. After just one wear, I knew: I could not live another day without them. High-waisted leggings just allow for a variety of shirts to be worn with them, and it offers a solution for those who love crop tops, but can't wear them in the winter. The leggings fit in general too. Both of the shoes had great fits as well! I loved the cuts of the shoe. The ankle and regular sizes can really make a difference in expressing your individual style and your mood. Both shoes are worth getting to help convey the real you!

QUALITY: I was beyond impressed with the quality of these products. Obviously, everything arrived in stupendous condition. Not a rip to be seen. As someone who experiences ripping their leggings often, I was truly impressed with these. They held up with me, not only through a workout that included a lot of squats, but also through a regular day and a good night's rest. These leggings are designed to keep up! The shoes blew my mind. My previous pair of combat boots did a poor job of keeping rain out. Whenever it rained, my socks and feet became soaked, and my mood soured. These boots kept my feet safe, warm, and dry during the bit of rain I had while wearing them. I was so pleased with these products that I recommend based on quality alone!

FEEL: The leggings were amazingly comfortable. Like I mentioned before, I actually slept in them, and they felt great. I have never gotten such comfortable leggings! I did have some issues with the shoes though. While the shoes are insanely adorable, I found myself fighting tremendous foot and calf pain after each wear. Some of this foot pain can obviously be chalked up to my misshaped arches, but I can distinguish that dull ache between the sharp, painful sting that I felt in my feet and calves. It got to the point where I did not want to walk due to the pain. If you have sensitive legs and feet, I would recommend getting a good pair of shoe inserts before wearing these boots.

SUMMARY: I received the High Waist Legging, Women Studz Convertible, and the Adult Classic Combat. I highly recommend these trendy items based on fashion and quality!

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