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Longtime readers know I have always had an interest in Zim's naturally-based products. I have always felt that solving a problem naturally rather than with medical treatment is always a better option. Of course, medical treatment should definitely be used if a problem persists. Today, I am reviewing Zim's Max Freeze Patches. Many of you may remember that I reviewed a similar version of the Max Freeze line in February. I remember being very pleased with how the gel version of this product turned out. My only real complaint back then had been the strong, medicinal odor. Because of this, I was extremely excited to see how Zim's had improved the Max Freeze line since then.

This product, much like other members of its line, is designed to help relieve pain from sore muscles and muscle sprains, back, shoulder, and neck pain, painful ankle, knee, hip, and elbow joints, and muscular strains. I was really impressed to see such a large variety of ailments that can be treated with just one product. I love the universality of it. Having a multi-purpose product like this around is perfect- especially for those who are athletic. Being an athlete myself, I have dealt with a variety of injuries; however, for once, I was not injured. Unfortunately, my mother was and she so kindly offered to be my lab rat for this review. She had injured her elbow teaching her fitness class, and from what I could tell, it was quite a bad injury. Unable to lift the milk carton, her painful elbow joint was causing her serious problems. I offered that she give Zim's Max Freeze Patches a try. She put on a medium sized patch and said that the smell hit her first. It was strong and smelled like menthol( which makes sense seeing as how menthol usp is an active ingredient). The rough smell is mainly due to the combination of lidocaine and menthol. This is really the only negative I have about this product. As soon as the scent hit her, however, she felt instant cooling relief. She said she could feel a welcomed icy feel spread throughout her injured joint. She mentioned that the patch lasted for quite some time. It was enough to allow her to get some much-needed rest. Zim's Max Freeze Patches brought her pain relief.

Ready to get rid of your pain? Head on over to Zim's website to see their large variety of natural pain relieving products. I highly recommend you consider these Maz Freeze Patches. They truly are effective and long-lasting for hours of much-needed relief. My recommendation is to purchase the Medium pack. It contains six medium patches per container. The medium was actually a lot larger than expected which leaves me wondering how big the large patches are. Anyway, these patches seem to be just the perfect size to fit over nearly any joint or muscle that is causing pain. Feel like medium isn't the right size? No need to worry. Zim's Max Freeze patches come in large, medium, and extra large, so there is definitely a size that works with you. Each product is individually wrapped.

Zim's Max Freeze contains organic ingredients such as aloe vera, arnica, ilex, vitamin E, and tea tree oil. Some things that I know I can rely upon as healthy alternatives to over the counter treatment. Along with this, Zim's does not contain parabens, sulfates, or colorings, and it is not tested on animals. I love the all natural approach that Zim's offers, but I love its lack of animal cruelty even more. This is a brand that everyone can get behind. Zim's dynamic line of over-the-counter products, which are proudly made in the USA, combine nature and science to bring you temporary pain relief and lip and skin care. Zim's expands consumers' options for quality topical products.

Based in North Lima, Ohi, Zim's offers a dynamic line of naturall-based products distributed by Perfecta Products Inc. Zim's features different products for a variety of needs-all of which are made with natural ingrediants. Founded over sixty years ago, Zim's was originally created to help workers with dry, cracked hairs. Since then, the brand has blossomed to help a wide-range of consumers. Zim's can be found in nearly every major retailer in North America or on their website.

Pushing yourself to your limits can be amazing but the pain the next day is not. When you're in pain, you want a product that works. Thats why I strongly recommend Zim's Max Freeze Patches.

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