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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture of Captive is property of Goodreads. Picture of Untamed is property of Amazon.

     As always, I eagerly await my monthly box from BookCase.Club. An avid reader, I adore opening that royal blue box each month, but enough about the box; let's talk books.

   The first novel in the Nightshade series, Captive delivers a forbidden romance between sworn enemies drawn together by fate. Although the main idea behind the novel is a bit cliche, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the page. Twenty-Five-year-old protagonist, Tristan enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege. Defiant to all by his overlord, Tristan is confident and cocky. All changes for Tristan when a beautiful young woman is imprisoned in Tristan's castle. Captor and Captive begin a relationship prophesized to end Tristan's mythical race. This dark novel is filled with excellent plot and diction!

    Untamed chronicles the changes that biological warfare had on the human race-more specifically on relationships. Ever since humans became shapeshifters, love has become more complicated than ever. This novel features two stories that show love has a price, but it doesn't have a limit. I devoured this book, and I predict that you will too.

    BookCase.Club never disappoints with its books. Ready to learn more about BookCase.Club? Of corse, you are! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Once you're ready to order a box(or twelve) of your own, check out their website. BookCase.Club made an excellent decision in including Captive, a book about an extraordinary couple having ordinary fights, and Untamed, a fun romance novel.

    BookCase.Club is a monthly subscription service for avid readers. Want to spread the love of reading with a friend? BookCase.Club makes a great gift!

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