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     "What's glop?" Well, it's a hilarious goop parody that we all need to read. Mocking the ever-pretentious Goop website, Glop serves as a guide for the most absurd in health, relationships, and travel. These expensive and ridiculous ideas designed to make the readers feel as pretentious as possible had me laughing the whole read through. I picked up the book around 5pm last night and could not stop reading it until I had finished the whole thing! The author, Gabrielle Moss, is a genius when it comes to satire. My words could not do her skills justice. You'll really have to read for yourself to find out just how funny the beauty industry actually is.

    In this absolutely hilarious parody, Moss mocks the vain, elite, and down-right silly lifestyle of the website everyone loves to hate. From recipes that open your third eye to where to find fresh bones for your bone broth, Moss had me captivated from the start. Moss takes her concept and effectively runs it throughout the whole book without ever making her reader feel tired or bored. If you are like most of us and hate-read Goop just a little more than you should, Glop is definitely the book for you. I laughed so hard while reading this book that I knew I had to share it with my family and friends, but I only have one copy, so all of my lovely readers out there can get your own copy here.

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