Iris Chiffon Layering Skirt | WhiteHeritage Crochet Cuff Bracelet
Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Peekaboo Chic.

   I received the Iris Chiffon Half Slip Skirt Extender in white and in a s/m. I loved the color. I found that it was such a perfect shade of snow that I was actually able to pair it with nearly anything. Although white is more traditionally a summer color, I found that this specific shade had the smallest hints of cream undertones that it easily makes a great Christmas slip! I also found that the size fit perfectly! It is very rare that I actually encounter a skirt that fits this well. I never had to worry about it being too tight; I felt that my legs had room to breathe and move. I never once felt constricted. The skirt was also not too loose. It stayed up very well thanks to a small elastic strap that really kept the skirt up well. This is a wonderful way to turn an immodest shirt, skirt, or dress into an appropriate and stylish outfit.

     My outfits went straight from boring to stylish with this slip. It features two silky chiffon layers that are nearly wrinkle-free! Personally, I love to wear my slip underneath too-short skirts and dresses; however, this slip can also be worn under tunics or as a bandeau top. I was simply shocked to discover that this slip can be worn in four different ways: under a too-short skirt or dress, pulled up as a top, alone as a skirt, or layered underneath a sheer top. I have never come across a product with more uses. This slip is definitely worth a purchase seeing as how it can be incorporated into nearly every outfit! The spandex within the skirt helps give a slimming look. I loved the semi-fitted A-line cut. It looks great on every body type!

    I also received the Heritage Crochet Cuff Bracelet from Peekaboo Chic. I adore the leather and lace combo offered in this product. The sweet lace, when coupled with the sassy leather, can give an aura of confidence and beauty. I loved the snap closure featured in this bracelet. It really kept the bracelet on and in place. This product is also made with genuine leather-a must have this winter season!

   Slips, like the one I received, are great for adding extra volume to dresses, layers to short skirts, and can even function as an adorable top. Peekaboo Chic specializes in unique, modest layering options. From stylish skirt extenders to darling lace slips, Peekaboo Chic has everything you'll need to make your outfit modest and cute!

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