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    I loved trying and reviewing these three dresses from Wear A Dress. Each one made me feel elegant, feminine, and beautiful. 

    The Clematis Flora Black(third dress from left) came with long sleeves and a belt. I found that these two aspects made this dress perfect for holiday parties. The long sleeves kept me warmer than other dresses would have while the belt accentuated my figure without being too obvious. The subtly, coupled with the special fabric, really gives this dress its charm. The design of the fabric is simply beautiful. I love floral print, and this dress took floral print to an elegant, more mature level than traditional prints(which I still love). Although this dress does have an overall simple design, it is simply stunning especially when worn with a belt. This dress does have a bit of fullness to it, making it perfect for fancy endeavors. ( Sidenote:It is important to note that this dress must be washed with like colors and hung to dry. Please do not ruin this gorgeous dress by placing it in the dryer.) This exquisite dress is perfect for all of your classy rendezvous.

  Although the Clematis Flora Black is stunning, it simply isn't practical for everyday wear. It is a special occasion dress; I definitely would not want to wear this dress while doing household chores. Luckily, Wear A Dress does have dresses designed for everyday wear. These more common dresses are the Amaranth Meadow(first on left) and the Clematis Cloud(middle). The Amaranth Meadow has a round and modest neckline, a front bodice that gathers at the waist, and short sleeves. My favorite aspect of this dress, however, had to be the skirt. It was neither loose nor tight and gave a sort of slimming effect. While wearing this dress, I felt focused and confident knowing I was dressed for any situation. The length is about 51"-52" which I found to be perfect, making this an excellent spring/summer maxi dress. Maxi dresses, typically, are the most comfortable dress, but I found this dress to be one of the most comfortable maxi I have donned in a while. This dress is cut from a nonconstricting fabric, so there was plenty of room for mobility. (Sidenote: Want to keep that mobility? Then please keep this beauty out of your dryer). I found that this lovely dress survived several washes, and did not even need ironing! While wearing this fresh dress, I felt attractive, beautiful, and elegant. Similar to the Amaranth Meadow, the Clematis Cloud features a modest round neckline and short sleeves. Although this dress can be worn with a belt, I chose, instead, to wear it without one, giving the dress a t-shirt dress style commonly found amongst maxi dresses; however, this dress would also look stylish when worth with a belt or sash. Like the Amaranth Meadow, this dress was incredibly comfortable; the fabric was stretchy and draped elegantly. This dress survived the washing machine( sidenote: do not place in dryer) and did not even need to be ironed! This attractive dress made me feel classy and graceful. These two refined dresses, along with the Clematis Flora Black, are pretty graceful, and elegant. 

  I was able to wear each dress a few times before crafting this review. Having traveled and attending parties, I can say that these dresses are great for a variety of occasions. I found the Clematis Cloud was the best dress to wear for travel. I felt completely comfortable in it and felt that I had plenty of mobility. Although the Clematis Cloud was the best for wearing in the car, each dress fit equally nicely into my suitcase. They folded up easily and left my suitcase bulk-free. Overall, these dresses allowed me to feel nicely dressed without putting a ton of effort in. (Sidenote: These dresses look better when worn with a slip.)

   Wear A Dress offers quality dresses to suit your feminine lifestyle! I definitly recommend checking out their site. 

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