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Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Amazon.

    Are you already a member of BookCase.Club? Then share your unboxing using the hashtag #BCCUNBOXING. I would love to see your pictures and to share your post. This month, I received the February 2017 BookCase.Club box. But, before I begin, make sure you visit BookCase.Club on the webFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

   The first book I received was Jace The Shadow Wrangler by Sarah McCarty. This is one book that is a definite must read. It stars Jace Johnson, a man who never thought of himself as a "family man". He feels much more at home in the vampire world, seeing as how he is on. But, his whole life changes when he meets Miri. Their relationship was forbidden and came to a gut-wrenching end the minute Miri disappeared. After a year of searching, Jace finds Miri in a Sanctuary enclave. He now has only one vow: to take back what's his. After cruel experimentation by the Sanctuary, Miri is no longer the girl Jace remembers. Closed off, all she lives for is the rescue of her daughter who Jace never knew existed. Now, they must overcome the tragedy of their past. After all, its the only way to save their beloved child from the deadly grip of their merciless enemy.

   The second book I received was Secrets in the Shadows by Jenna Black.This book features Jules Gerard, a turned vampire who was betrayed long ago. He discovers that the man who turned him, Ian Squires, is still alive in Baltimore. Jules becomes thirsty for vengeance. After Hannah Moore's fateful encounter with the Broad Street Banger, the petite PI vowed to keep as far away from the Guardians of the Night as possible. But when her best friend asks her to help save Jules from himself, she can't help but accept the challenge. Jules believes he doesn't need any assistance from a mortal, and a bossy one at that. But he will soon discover that Ian is too powerful to be taken on alone. Caught in a deadly game, Jules must choose: vengeance or love?

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   What is BookCase.Club? It is a monthly subscription box for avid readers. This box is an easy way to find new books that you will enjoy reading.

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