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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of My Subscription Addiction.

I received an 8 snack variety box from Graze. You can get your own by checking out their website. Personally, I loved the chocolates that were included in my box. Find your new favorite snack with Graze.

Chocolate just can't be sent out in warm weather, so this may very well be the last few months to receive some delicious chocolate snacks. In fact, I will be gifting a free first and fifth box to three lucky fans! You can enter for a chance to win by submitting a form through the contact form on the right. Be sure to include your e-mail!

The first snack I received was the dark chocolate cherry tart.This snack featured almonds, cherries, and Belgian dark chocolate buttons. I absolutely loved this snack! As someone who is trying to eat healthier, but still isn't ready to totally give up chocolate, this was a great snack for me. I loved the way the three foods all blended together. The next snack I received was the chocolate pretzel dipper. This snack features chocolate hazelnut dip and lightly salted pretzel sticks. This is a great snack for those who love chocolate but love their health as well! Next, I received the lightly salted popcorn. Normally, I am super picky about my popcorn, but I found that Graze popcorn was actually pretty good. It didn't have the salt or butter I was used to, but it was much healthier. Next, I received the spicy sriracha crunch. This spicy snack featured sriracha flavored peas, unsalted roasted cashews, baked salted peanuts, and garlic sesame seeds. This snack did have a spicy flavor that I loved. One of my favorite snacks was the summer berry flapjack. This made such an easy breakfast that I wish I had more! Another favorite snack of mine was the herby bread basket which featured mini basil breadsticks, oregano rice crackers, and garlic crostini. This was simply delicious. I also received a chia coconut cookie with black tea and soy roasted seeds. Overall, I was overwhelmed with the plethora of healthy, wholesome options I had to choose from. For those who are trying to live a more natural lifestyle, I definitely recommend Graze.

I really enjoyed the snacks I received from Graze, and I highly recommend it!

Graze allows you to discover exciting snacks with a box handpicked for you. Enjoy free shipping and wholesome snacks in every box!

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