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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Bare Republic.

I received an array of products from Bare Republic.

I received two suncare products from Bare Republic. The first was After-Sun Body Serum priced at $11.99(USD). Whether you are on the beach or inside, your skin is constantly battling environmental stressors. This serum allowed my skin to recover much faster than it usually does. Featuring Manuka honey and calming oat milk, this unique serum provides maximum skin care benefits with a natural antioxidant blend. Don't be shy, reapply! The oat milk healed my skin by moisturizing it, restoring the skin barrier, reducing itching, and calming inflammation. The turmeric found in the antioxidant blend stimulates new cell growth and keeps the skin's elasticity intact. The calendula found in the antioxidant blend healed, soothed, and calmed my irritated and inflamed skin. I love how manuka honey( which is good for the skin) is included in this product, and I also adore how it is paraben free and non-GMO. For more info, check out Bare Republic's website. This product is ideal for sun sensitive or damaged skin. It has a signature honey scent to it. Apply liberally to body and face and as often as needed.

The second product I received was Clearscreen SPF 50  Sport Sunscreen Spray. This product is super transparent. I hate the feeling of wearing sunscreen, but love the feeling of being protected from the sun. This sunscreen is ideal for people who feel just like me. This ultra-light spray is perfect for year round use and has a natural mango scent. This product is up to 80 minutes water-resistant! So spray on with confidence! This is ideal for all skin types and is perfect for everyday use and wear. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure, 80 minutes after water or sweat exposure, and after two hours.

Let the power of nature protect with Bare Natural's new sunscreen and UV haircare collections, formulated for the active, eco-conscious lifestyle.

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