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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Vera Mona.

For more pictures of Vera Mona products, check out their Instagram. I really enjoyed the products I received from Vera Mona, especially the color switch solo and duo. Read on to discover more about the four products I received!

The first product I received was the Cake & Bake Beauty Sponge($14.00USD). "Cake & Bake" is truly a one of a kind beauty sponge that can be used wet or dry and for anything from full face makeup to baking and even to setting! "Cake and Bake" is reusable and easily cleaned and sanitized with warm water and cleaning solution or soap. Overall, I liked this beauty sponge. It was durable and performed well!

The next product I received was the Solo Instant Brush Cleaner($17.00USD). After I stroked my brush against the Solo sponge, all the eyeshadow color was completely removed! I didn't even have to think about accidental color transfer while using this sponge. The Color Switch sponge can be used on either side and can be washed or replaced. Overall, I was actually astounded with how well this product works, and I highly recommend it!

The third product I received was the Duo Instant Brush Cleaner($20.00USD). This cleaner works exactly like the Solo Instant Brush Cleaner but has an additional sponge in the center to clean more brushes. For more information on the brush cleaner itself, see the above paragraph. Like the Solo Instant Brush Cleaner, I was amazingly surprised with the effectiveness of this product and highly recommend it, especially to those who wear multiple colors or layers of eyeshadow.

The final product I received was the Double Ended Brush($10.00USD). This brush from Vera Mona allowed me to get a complete eye look. This multipurpose, soft brush is really two brushes in one. Using this dual ended brush really did make applying eye makeup much easier because I never had to worry about switching between brushes. One side is a shadow smudger while the other is a lid and blender brush. This brush is vegan and cruelty-free. It really is a must-have for every girl's makeup bag!

Vera Mona offers the amazing and innovative Color Switch Solo and Duo; two products which I highly recommend you check out!

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