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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of ViewSPORT.

ViewSPORT offers that apparel that requires you to sweat to reveal the full image. This unique sweat activated technology was a great motivator for me to continue during my workouts.

The first shirt I received was the "Better, Faster, Stronger" tank($26.99USD). This tank reminded me that working out doesn't get easier; I just get better, faster, and stronger. This is the mantra I always keep in mind while I work out, and it was so amazing to find a workout tank that really displayed what I believed in. Remember that every workout improves your physical self with this awesome tank! The phrase, "Better, Faster, Stronger" is sweat activated on the front and back of this tank.

Next, I received the "Do It" tank($26.99USD). This workout tank stayed in place while I got moving and was working really hard. A unique addition to your workout apparel, the sweat activated technology reveals "Don't Quit" on the front and "Work Hard" on the back.

I also received the "Beautiful" short sleeve($24.99USD). This tee is as soft as I used to be before I started working out! This shirt has an athletic fit. It is loose enough to provide room, but, at the same time, does not hang off me like a dress. Overall, it has the best wear out of the four shirts I received. This shirt also offers style and performance all in one. Although this shirt makes a fabulous workout tee, it also functions as a fashionable shirt to wear just about anywhere. I think the combination of workout and style is what makes this shirt my favorite of the bunch! The phrase "Tiful" is sweat activated on the front.

The final shirt I received was the "Burpees Don't Like You Either" tank($26.99USD). You don't like burpees, and burpees don't like you, but you both deal with each other for the sake of your health. This attractive tank has generous arm openings. As someone who enjoys this relaxed gym look, I loved the arm holes! This shirt showed my shape but always retained its elasticity. It is comfortable, durable, and slimming. The phrase" Work Hard Hard Work" is sweat activated on the back of this tee!

ViewSPORT offers sweat-activated fitness apparel. ViewSPORT delivers the ultimate innovative athletic clothing, and motivation. Free shipping available in US.

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