Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Kosher Casual.

Kosher Casual combines modesty with the fashion styles of the modern world. A perfect example of this is the Calf length Skirt I received.

As I mentioned, the skirt I received is calf-length and in black. This particular style is perfect for spring weather. It allowed me to be modest, feminine, and beautiful all while staying stylish. Not sure how to style? I paired this skirt with a white tee shirt to style down and a long-sleeved collared white shirt to dress up. This skirt is perfect to wear around the house or out with friends.

The skirt did have a wonderful length. I feel like modesty is hard to come by in 2017; however, Kosher Casual offers stylish options that I enjoyed a lot. Because the skirt was calf-length, I felt confident knowing I was wearing something that not only I, but my family and friends would want to see me in. There is a common misconception that modest clothing is baggy and loose, and, while this can be true on some occasions, this skirt was actually fitted at the waist. A flattering look for all, a fitted waist can accentuate your femininity without showing anything tasteful. The fitted waist perpetuated the overall flowing look. This look gives the skirt -and you- an aura of elegance and beauty. If you're anything like me, I guarantee you'll feel nothing short of classy in this stunning article. Not only is the skirt graceful and charming, it is machine washable. It is made of 90% natural viscose and 10% spandex. I found that, after a washing, the skirt looked the same as it did the day I received it: glamourous.

That glamour transfers from day to night with the flexibility of this dress. It can be your skirt for housework, office work, or parties after work. The versatility of this dress gives it so much more value than skirts that can only be worn for one occasion. The elastic waistband and loose cut helps improve the adaptability of the skirt. There is no limit to where you can wear this dress!

This washing machine-friendly, made-in-Israel skirt is a must for modest closets. You will look and feel virtuous while wearing this excellent skirt!

Kosher Casual sells modest clothing, such as skirts, tops, and accessories for the modern woman.

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