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Natural Organic Foaming Hand Soap PeppermintNatural Organic Lavender Bar Soap

Today, I am introducing Reverie Farms & Soaps! From the minute this company approached me, I feel in love with them. If you're looking for a beauty product that not only leaves you feeling refreshed, but is completely natural, look no further than Reverie Farms & Soaps! Every one of their products left me feeling restored and revived-especially after a long day. With a dedication to combining organic, eco-friendly ingredients into perfectly blended products, Reverie Farms & Soaps offer soaps and scrubs that are good for you and the planet. Although Earth Day is only one day a year, saving the planet should be a 24/7, 365 job. These products protect you and the environment. If beauty and health matter to you(and they should matter to everyone!), then I highly recommend checking out these products. The organic ingredients are great to use on children, so give them a try! Reverie Farms & Soaps uses only natural, organic products and embeds its ethos into every step of the making process. This really is a company that cares about more than money. They want to see natural and pure products in every home. With this eco-friendly outlook, both beauty conscious and green-minded people will love what Reverie Farms & Soaps has to offer. As someone who cares about both my looks and the environment, I found myself enjoying the best of both worlds with these goods. From the fruity Citrus Fusion scent to the aromatic Herb Garden, there's a Reverie Farms fragrance for everyone. Personally, I received lavender(my favorite scent) and loved it!
Natural Organic Lavender Soap
If you would like to try products from Reverie Farms & Soaps, then I would like to offer you the coupon code NSB17. This code will get you 10% off your first order! The code does not expire but can only be used once and cannot be combined with other coupons. Be sure to check out Reverie Farms & Soaps website and Facebook or contact them here

Reverie Farms offers products that allow for simplistic living with a modern family!

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