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Milk+Sass. The name alone reminds me of beauty. I received the Macaron for hair. It is a detangling hairbrush with a mirror compact. So far, it sounds like it just like any other compact hairbrush; well, that's where you're wrong. This product is bit size; it easily fits into any purse, bag, or pocket. I found that this product was able to fit in a bag that even my phone is not able to fit into! This brush is also concealed; bristles are protected with a cover. This cover keeps bristles from getting out of place and keeps the brush effective. The brush even has advanced ergonomics for optimal comfort, balance, and control with a velvet touch. As someone with thick hair, I am used to dealing with brushes that rip right through my hair. It was so nice to find a brush that felt good in my hair. Speaking of bristles, this brush has revolutionary bristles that detangle hair twice as fast on all hair types effortlessly. I could have used these radical bristles when I was younger! Kiss tangles goodbye with Macron by Milk+Sass. Since I began using this brush, my hair has never looked better. This product is great for all types, synthetic wigs, weaves, and children's hair. Milk+Sass is a part of Orelle LLC. When you are ready to say goodbye to unmanageable hair, check out Milk+Sass's website or their customer service. Not totally convinced? Read on for more pictures and details.
I received the Macron in both Raspberry and Mint Citron. Say bonjour to the bite-size detangling brush making a massive impact. This impact doesn't have to stop with me. You can reap the benefits of this amazing product too! The Macron for Hair is a sweet and petite Parisian inspired detangling brush the smooths tangles in half the time of conventional brushes. Where it would usually take me up to five minutes to get the knots out of my hair in the morning, this brush saved me about two minutes! I was amazed. Perfect for traveling, the pop-off cover doubles as both a mirror and bristle protector. I travel a lot- for school, work, or just personal reasons. I found that this brush is a travel essential for me. The strategically sturdy bristles are combined with a lightweight design that allows for optimal comfort and control. This truly is the brush I needed when I was younger and had terrible knots. That's why I think this brush is perfect to use on children. it quickly and effectively detangles hair. Using this brush results in fast and gentle detangling without the breakage and pulling caused by other brushes, This brush really kept my hair healthy. After using, my hair was smoother, frizz-free, and full of shine. It was like magic. This brush works on all hair types, including yours! This is brush is not intended to be used with heat. I really loved this travel brush!

Sweet and sophisticated, Milk+Sass offers the bite-sized detangling hairbrush that kisses tangles goodbye.

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