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Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for my honest review. Pictures are property of Virtuous Prom.

Grace SlipPersonally, I am a huge fan of fashion. As you can see from my blog, there is nothing I love more than wearing clothing that makes me feel and look beautiful; however, I have grown tired of the immodest options that clothing companies are constantly forcing down my throat. When I stumbled across Virtuous Prom, I knew that this was the perfect website for me. It offered clothing and accessories that were modestly beautiful.

The first product that I would love to talk about is the Rose headpiece. Upon first glance, I can see that this product is perfect for proms or weddings- or even just another formal event. The ribbon(you can pick the color!) fit perfectly, and I was very pleased with the sizing. Going into more detail, this headpiece is made with gorgeous silver rhinestones and crystals and finished with a ribbon tie for a simple, yet breathtaking, look. This beautiful headpiece is a perfect companion for a pure, modest look. As I mentioned earlier, this headband is flexible and fit into my hair easily. Neither the ribbons nor the piece itself caused any discomfort. Speaking of the ribbons- they typically come in white, ivory, or silver, but you can request unique colors. I chose ivory and I loved how it brightened the headpiece for a unique spring look! Overall, it is a stunning addition to any formal outfit.

I also received the Grace slip. This slip comes in either black or white and helps create the look of a full skirt. This slip is a beautiful companion for a tea or knee length dress. It is crucial in recreating a rockabilly look or in enhancing a formal dress. This is the only slip you will ever need! Seriously. This slip provides all the fullness of other slips without the heavy weight. I felt completely free; not once did I feel tied down by a heavy skirt. The spandex waist accommodates a variety of sizes without being restricting. This skirt will feel like freedom-not prison. The skirt has two layers of netting and one layer of lining. I felt like this was the perfect amount to poof up my skirts and dresses. This skirt is available in both black and white; however, I recommend purchasing it in white. This wonderful slip can give your outfit the WOW factor!

I love these accessories and highly recommend them! In fact, I highly recommend Virtuous Prom- which offers a stunning collection of modest dresses!

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