Banjul Top - Navy Floral
Alexandria Top - PeriwinkleDisclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of She Traveled.

I received three shirts from She Traveled: the Alexandria Top in Periwinkle, the banjul top in navy floral, and the dakar top in plaid.  Everything I received was a medium. The Alexandria quickly became one of my favorites. I have looked far and wide to even find a shirt that can even begin to compete with it. I love the top's modest look and roominess. I never felt constricted or confined -or even immodest- while wearing it. While I do see this top easily being dressed up, personally, I enjoyed dressing it down by wearing it with leggings and some simple flats. This shirt had a perfect fit! Next, I received the Banjul Top. Just wearing this shirt made me feel happy! The bright colors made it perfect for spring and summer looks. The navy allows the shirt to be bright without being overly bright. The soft fabric and perfect fit put this shirt at the top of my favorite shirts list. Lastly, I received the Dakar top, and quite frankly, I want to live in this shirt it is so cute. I like to play shirts down, so I wore this shirt with some simple leggings, but I can easily see it played up with a cute skirt! Despite the long sleeves, the top is lightweight and breathable. I love having a long sleeved shirt option to protect from insects and the sun-but especially insects! I love this top!

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Dakar Top - Plaid

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