Image result for hard candy cosmetics color correct pinkDisclaimer: I received free product in exchange for an honest review.

Hard Candy Cosmetics recently released their limited edition expert creme wand from their color correct line! Ever since I first heard about color correcting, I was super interested in trying it out, not only to see if the product worked but to see if color correcting itself worked.

For those who do not know, color correcting is done to the face prior to foundation in order to fix certain ailments better than ordinary foundation. For example, green and yellow are used to reduce redness whereas pink and lavender are used to neutralize dullness. Peach and orange can also be used to aid with dark circles. After trying this product out, I can say the color correcting really does work, and I instantly noticed a difference after using.

Application can always be tough-no matter the product. This creme has an easy wand with brush applicator that makes putting on makeup easier than ever.

With six different shades, there is definitely a shade for you. Pink was perfect for me! It really helped with dull spots on my skin and brightened my face up.

Retailing at only $5.00(USD), this color corrector is more than affordable. This product fit perfectly into my makeup price range, and I'm certain it will fit well into yours as well.

This creme corrector targeted my skin imperfections and fixed them. It features a lightweight formula that melted into my skin. With the brush applicator, this creme is easy to apply and fits into all the contours of my face.

Hard Candy offers a variety of cosmetic products that really work!

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