Image result for Dove Shower FoamDisclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.

I am so happy in introduce showerfoam from Dove. If you haven't heard of this product yet, you are certainly in for a treat.

Dove is introducing its brand new Shower Foam, its first foaming body wash with a soft, airy lather for superior care. The lather was ideal, and after using this product, it is so hard to go back to regular soap. A first-of-its-kind body wash from dove, New Shower Foam is the personal care brand's next biggest innovation in skin cleansing. This is the best product Dove has come out with in quite a long time. Women can delight in a shower experience like no other with a specialized formula that gently nourishes skin. My skin felt better than amazing after just one use! The combination of a new formula and self-foaming pump creates an instant, lasting lather that is soft to the touch and leaves you feeling uplifted. This product improved both my physical and mental health.

Ready to know more? I certainly was when I first found out about this product. Dove has a sixty year heritage in skin cleansing and is now giving women more body wash options that provide the care skin needs. As someone with sensitive skin, I need a product that is able to handle everything my skin requires, and this product certainly does that. New Dove Shower Foam is the first caring foam body wash from Dove that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. I cannot stress enough how amazing this product will make your skin feel. With the simple press of a pump, the lightweight foam is released for easy application by hand, and the foam rinses quickly leaving skin feeling clean and smooth. Get ready for fresh, bright, and soft skin after only one wash.

Dove Shower Foam is a new way to cleanse skin in the shower to create the light feel you want with the care skin needs. Self-care will become a daily event with the use of this foaming body wash. The weightless formula combines Dove's unique technology with their best cleanses traditionally used in facial cleansers to prove the care you love from Dove in a foaming format for the first time. Here, traditional technology and innovative ideas combine to creative a magnificent product. This soap will leave your skin feeling more hydrated than ever.

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