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Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for an honest review.

BookCase.Club offers two amazing books a month for the low price of $9.99(USD). I love the price of this box because most books cost around $16(USD) on their own! With BookCase.Club, I essentially get two books for about $5(USD); this is one price I have yet to see another company beat! You can find BookCase.Club on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. If you received your own BookCase.Club case this month, be sure to post your pictures to my Facebook Fan Page. For more information about this May's box or about any other boxes, visit BookCase.Club on the web.

The first book I received was Reborn by C.C. Hunter. The main character, Della, comes to Shadow Falls to embrace her magical talents and stop evil, but, as she steps into her supernatural abilities, she will also discover the power of her own heart- and just how much she will do for love. Watch as Della explores a dangerous love, a forbidden love, a supernatural love.

Too Hot to Touch by Lora Leigh has three different stories in one novel. The first centers around Noble, a new bodyguard to Haley, a woman at risk after discovering that a conspiracy was actually true. Watch their love bloom in this thrilling tale. The second story features Jessica, a girl who exposed secrets- and, now, someone wants her dead. Her protection is Hawke Esteban, and, like the first story, their love blossoms over Christmas. The final story stars Kita, a girl betrayed. Since she was betrayed, she's been participating in shady activities. She only trusts one man, Creed Raines, and he may be guilty of the biggest betrayal of all.

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BookCase.Club is a monthly subscription for avid readers. This club was designed to share the joy of reading with the world.

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